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Dear Paula,

>From A Union Guide to Workplace Change by Bob Baugh of the AFL-CIO Human
Resources Development Institute:

International Organization for Standardization(ISO) a United Nations organization based in Geneva, Switzerland. ISO 9000 is a voluntary international quality standard for business.

In the USA, Chrysler has really pushed for the adoption of these standards by its suppliers. Ford has its own quality standard called Q-1.

Many large and small manufacturers are pushing their suppliers to get ISO 9000 certification---particularly when business conditions get tight and the buyers can get picky about quality issues with their suppliers.

Union shops like to turn out a quality high value added product, because that's where the money is...and we want our share.

Sincerely, Tom

pms wrote:

> >My question: does ISO 9000 stipulate anything regarding conditions of labor?
> >
> What is ISO 9000?
> Also, what is, are, Telos?
> Sometimes I feel like the sister of the brother from another planet.
> Paula

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