Michael Cohen mike at
Thu Oct 22 11:18:37 PDT 1998

> Which is why you should subscribe, Michael! Newsstand/bookstore sales are
> nice, but it's subscriptions that keep a publication going.
> Doug

I intend to. I realize the Journal is excellent. I am spending time now trying to find an American distributor. So as not to waste time, books and Journals comprise the bulk of my discretionary spending. All of this said, I wrote my message not just for myself.

As far as what a bookstore like B & N will carry, the problem really is magazines. I see your book Wall Street Featured prominently. Its not too hard to find Books like Baran and Sweezy's monopoly capital... Chomsky is featured prominently all over the place etc. Magazines on the other hand are a problem. I'm not sure what the difficulty is.

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