Gay bashing and laws

Rakesh Bhandari bhandari at phoenix.Princeton.EDU
Thu Oct 22 22:25:57 PDT 1998

> One of the great
> achievements of bourgeois revolution was the idea, which has slowly and not
> always steadily taken root and blossomed, taht we can toleratea diversity of
> views without having to run to the cops to shut up the ones we don't like. The
> hard cases are those that really offend us, of course. The problem is,
> everyone is offended by something different.

Justin, you are an accomplished political theorist. The central text here would be John Locke's letter on tolerance, no? Did his tolerance of religion suggest a compromise by the bourgeoisie with the Church--tolerance here signifies the incompleteness of the bourgeois revolution? Plus, the tolerant Locke leaves a lot of room in hell for those who don't respect the rites of private property, correct? Or from the other side, aren't there several examples of bourgeois representatives supporting the prohibition of texts on alchemy and superstition (Morris Kline mentioned this in one of his math books, no?)

Oh another aside: Sometimes I would like to see the X files taken off the air. Substituting Mulder and Sculley for where Adorno writes astrology, one has this: the X files "gives some vague and diffused comfort by making the senseless appear as though it had some hidden and grandiose sense"; meanwhile "this sense can neither be sought in the realm of the human nor can be properly grasped by humans." As Keith Tester puts it in Media, Culture and Morality, this is exactly what Kant railed against as humanity's immaturity. We of course don't want the state to prohibit the X files but I am not tolerant of it. The movie was really troubling. How's the new season? I am proud to say our tv is disconnected.

best, rakesh

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