Gay bashing and laws

Jim heartfield jim at
Thu Oct 22 17:36:51 PDT 1998

In message < at>, Chris Burford <cburford at> writes

>As far as (bourgeois) democratic rights are concerned we should not
>absolutise them, but decide which ones to support and campaign for
>according to the context and the balance of advantage for working people.
>No platform for homophobia! I really am surprised at the extent of the
>defence of rule of bourgeois law, *as a matter of principle*, on this list.

I don't see it as a question of absolutising the particular forms of law and rights as formalised under capitalist rule. But in principle we ought to move ahead of these limited ideas of liberty rather than falling behind them.

What was a positive gain in the idea of the sovereign subject in bourgeois law, was the idea that authroity stemmed from the free will and consent of such subjects, rather than being imposed from an arbitrary authority. In practice that was denied by the dull compulsion of the market. That is not a reason to make light of freedom and rights, but to give them more content than present circumstances will allow. -- Jim heartfield

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