Monopoly Bookstore Chains and Left Wing Magazines.

Shelvers at Shelvers at
Fri Oct 23 04:59:59 PDT 1998

>Actually, Borders has I believe unionized a number of their stores. The
>IWW and UCFW are in a bit of an inter-union tiff over this. I have avoided
>Borders partially because of their union-busting in some stores, but the
>chains are actually more likely to unionize than most of the groovy


Oh, dear. No, no, no, Borders has unionized a number of their stores? No, a collection of employees have organized 3 Borders stores, against a massive and very expensive campaign by Borders mgmt to bust it.

My "uh, stammer stammer", wasn't implying that we we're still sticking with the IWW -- it was meant to say that our experience with the UFCW wasn't that much better than with the Wobs.

Just for fun, I'm following this post with a copy of a letter all of our employees received from Borders President Richard Flanagan stating Borders' position on unions. It's quite fun to read...

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