Monopoly Bookstore Chains and the inanity of moralism

Steve Bruns sbruns at
Fri Oct 23 05:39:45 PDT 1998

I would venture that the amount of "union-friendliness" exhibited by a corp. is almost directly proportional to the added worker control that this posture provides. For example, in my Railway Labor Act protected union, the union hierarchy functions as an additional layer of management, continually explaining to the the sufficiently embourgiosed proletarian rank and file that the opportunity to work more hours per week is actually a raise. 70 hour work weeks are common. No holiday pay , no sick pay, no shift/weekend premium. Oh, and $82/month union dues.

In return we get an interminable number of carrier friendly cooperative programs and a lot of "teamwork" bullshit that have made our labor organization little more than an employment club. So, in my experience, all companies ARE anti-union. The ones that "respect" unions have simply approprated them for their own ends. True unionism stands in the way of profit maximization and is therefore crushed by any and all available means.

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