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Fri Oct 23 09:00:44 PDT 1998

Alex writes a most excellent post and says:

>or race. It is certainly true that without a
concept of gender there
>could be, quite simply, no concept of homo- or
heterosexuality. But
>many other dimensions of sexual choice (auto- or
alloerotic, within or
>between generations, species, etc) have no such
distinctive, explicit
>definitional connection with gender; indeed, some
dimensions of
>sexuality might be tied, not to gender, but
*instead* to differences or
>similarities of class or race.

Yeah. White trash, hicks, rednecks, peckerwoods et al are so not only because of their class location but also because of their supposed sexual proclivities--incest and bestiality--as well as their racialization during the first part of this century in the effort to find a genetic basis for their white trash et al behaviors.

SnitgrrRl, inane idiotic slut

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