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Paul Henry Rosenberg rad at
Sun Oct 25 09:26:06 PST 1998

Carrol Cox wrote:

> Tom Waters wrote: "We can choose to consume somehwat more collectively by
> buying from co-ops or -- with less convenience but more substantial
> cooperation -- buying clubs.
> Tom, I suspect that both in the 19th century and the 20th century (and
> certainly in the early 70s) the founding of various sorts of coops was the
> main travelled road from incipient marxist to Clinton supporter. I don't
> object to them, I just object to them being considered even remotely
> political. As long as they are seen as just one choice among many to be made
> on grounds of simple individual preference, they are harmless; as soon as they
> are seen as political, they are deadly.

"My way or the highway," eh boss?

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