second verse, everybody sing

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Sun Oct 25 21:24:17 PST 1998

This is dedicated to all you Marxists out there. You know who you are.

Would you be so very touchy If your private parts weren't such That they could bring you to your knees?

Would your joint get out of socket If your buddy Johnny Rocket Wasn't wavin' in the breeze?

Would ya have to rant Would ya have to rave Would ya have to have a fit

Would the war of words be over We'd be rollin' in the clover If you only had a clit?

I want to thank my higher power and my fab Dougdaddy for allowing me to be here with you tonight. And Brother Buford, I loved your post and am working on a reply that includes the points with which I disagreed. Scratch disagreed, points I want to add.

I also want to thank all the guys out there who checked their clubs at the door.

dum-ta-dum-ta-dum-ta-da-da dum-ta-dum-ta-dum-ta-da-da....

smooches- Paula

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