Cockburn to Indians: get over it!

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Mon Oct 26 05:55:45 PST 1998

>Blah-blah-blah. Spend more time reading indigenous indigenist
>and less time surmising what it says. You might start with my
webpage. Look
>under the heading "Marxism and American Indian".

I shall, Lou. I raised the issues to turn us away from the specific debate regarding Cockburn and Churchill and who got it right. Since it's quite likely that most of us haven't yet had a chance to read it, then most of us can't talk about that now can we? But what a lot of us *can* talk about is Cockburn's argument, the rhetorical strategy he used to make his points. Now, the particular object of his piece is no longer the issue. Rather, its about the merits or lack thereof of his underlying claims which can then be applied to other historical struggles, which many of us can discuss. It's not that I don't want to know who has it right and learn more about indigenous people's stuggles. That wasn't the point at all, since those of you who can speak to that *will* certainly have plenty of air time to do so and we the unlearned can learn. But I saw other interesting issues raised, so I wanted to bring them up. The move was something on the order of, "How 'bout them Yankees sportsfans?" when the discussion is getting heated in unproductive ways. But, in this case, perhaps something more substantive (?) than a discussion of them Yankees, so the analogy is a bit weak.

Could you do me a favor, though? Resend your initial review as I lost it yesterday when the power surged. Or did you post it at the web site? I have to pay by the minute and don't want to spend too much time on line.

Thanks, SnitgrrRl

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