Asian Crisis., "Class Analysis???"

Michael Cohen mike at
Mon Oct 26 09:40:08 PST 1998

Two quotes from the economist 10/26/98

After describing the Japanese bailout plans discussed here. p. 87 If applied, such a plan might put the LDP out of office, because it would badly hurt some of its core political supporters -- bust construction companies, property developers, and agricultural cooperatives to name a few. p. 47 Back home, the LDP quickly cut a series of deals with the Social Democratic Party of Japan (SDPJ) the Liberal Party and the Keiwa-Kaikaku

group. The SDPJ, which has trade-union connections wanted to save jobs in companies that were being squeezed mercilessly by their banks, so the party was keen to see public money used to bail out the banking industry.

This is the closest I have seen to a "class" based analysis of what is going on in Japan. There must be a detailed analysis in the press academic or otherwise. Any of you guys know a good source for this.

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