Leftist Ravings?

Charles Brown CharlesB at CNCL.ci.detroit.mi.us
Mon Oct 26 11:25:21 PST 1998

How about adding Los Angeles 1992 or Detroit 1967, where more people were killed by the American police than were killed in Tien an Men square.

Or Hiroshima or Nagasaki ? these are probably the largest killings by one act in history. American capitalist mass murder.

Brad seems blind to the fact that the greatest mass murder/genocides in history have resulted from the bourgeois political "strategy", political system.

How about adding the Middle Passage ? It was worse , in some ways for those who made it through and weren't murder in their millions. That was the result of the capitalist system.

How about adding WW II 50 million dead from the capitalist political system, war being politics by violent means ?

The capitalist political system has resulted in mass murder that is an order of magnitude greater than those resulting from socialism and the alternative political strategy to capitalism.

"Nuremburg" ? The Nazis mass murders were not an alternative political strategy to capitalism. Nazism was capitalism. Fascism is a form of capitalist rule.

Charles Brown

>>> Louis Proyect <lnp3 at panix.com> 10/26 8:04 AM >>>

>When you find an alternative political strategy that will not lead to
>Nuremburg or Lubyanka or Tuol Sleng or Tien an Men, let me know. But you
>haven't found one.
>Brad DeLong

Why don't you add Wounded Knee to the place names found above? Demographers estimate that there were around 15 million North American Indians in 1492 and an 1890 census reported 250,000.

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