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A significant part of the marxism that I try to grapple with is the notion that it is within a careful critique of what is, the material conditions and all that flow from them, within all this are answers for what we might envision for the future, even tho the answers might not be as easily discvered as we would hope. This forms the ground for understanding, for example, the relationship, in real life, of the need for great kindness on the one hand, and the need for revolution, on the other. This interpenetrating motion is part of people's daily lives, both in the abstract and the concrete. This writing is what happens when it gets dark early in the midwest...best r

At 04:55 PM 10/26/98 -0600, you wrote:
>Thomas Kruse wrote:
>> I, like Brett Knowlton "can't abide" the present
>> state of things, though I fully acknoweldge I have no alternative plan.
>Partly quoted, partly paraphrased from memory: Writing recipes for the cook
>shops of the future is not our thing. Rather we must engage in an unyielding
>critique of all that is. [In so far as that critique *is* unyielding and
>threatens to be heard, it will lead to heavy and violent repression. And
>another famous observation from the same old man]: The arm of criticism
must be
>completed by the criticism of arms.
>Marxists have no crystal ball, Mao observed, and those who insist that the
>present must not be challenged except in the name of a "plan" that persuades,
>they are simply supporting the present and all its horrors.
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Life travels upward in spirals.

Those who take pains to search the shadows

of the past below us, then, can better judge the

tiny arc up which they climb,

more surely guess the dim

curves of the future above them.

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