Boxer v. Fong

Doyle Saylor djsaylor at
Wed Oct 28 05:36:20 PST 1998

Hello everone,

I wrote in as scathing manner as I could, how could anyone care between Boxer, and Fong. I will not vote for the "social democrat" Boxer. She does not stand for working class rights. She went right along with and advocated Clinton's murderous bombing campaigns against Iraq when it did not merit her saying a word at the beginning of this year. She is a despicable war mongering ass kissing anti-working class politician as usual. Let me be clear I am no longer a democrat, and that a third party that represents workers is all that counts as far as I am concerned. This is in response to the Brad DeLong posting which came this morning. regards, Doyle Saylor ----------
>From: Brad De Long <delong at econ.Berkeley.EDU>

>Some time ago there was a question asked on this list: why should someone
>care whether California returned Barbara Boxer or Matthew Fong to the
>United States Senate next January? I would hope that recent news reports
>would have answered this question, and that everyone on this list would
>agree that we would prefer state power to be wielded by a social democrat
>like Barbara Boxer than by someone like Matthew Fong, who thinks that a
>good use of money is to give $50,000 to the Reverend Sheldon, who seeks to
>send those who perform abortions to the electric chair and to "quarantine"
>those infected with HIV.

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