Oldies (Was For Louis Proyect)

Patrick Ellis patricke at jps.net
Wed Oct 28 17:33:44 PST 1998

Carrol Cox wrote:

>Probably Patrick intends this as a rhetorical question, but actually he is
>simply stating a tautology, "We should do good," without any indication of
>how we should do good.

Not exactly. Of course the question was a rhetorical tag-line, and to jump on it as anything else suggests a well-honed instinct for factional infighting. Be that as it may, the only point of the post was to point out that Chuck's suggestion that the first order of organization should be to support "your people" (a phrase frequently loathed by the people to which it refers, btw) does us no good, and in the particular situation he described would have done little overall good, so long as the organizers are/were fighting among themselves.

>It is the eternal utopian and religious hope of the moralist that some neat
>little slogan, like "get rid of factional fighting," can replace thought.

My, we are pious, aren't we?


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