The Korean war

Brad De Long delong at econ.Berkeley.EDU
Thu Oct 29 16:48:28 PST 1998

>>>Also note Brad's entirely conventional (and wrong) summary of the
>>>Korean War ("Stalin took off the leash and Kim Il Sung began the Korean
>>>War"). As Rakesh has pointed out, Bruce Cumings two volume history of
>>>the Korean War should be consulted before so easily swallowing this
>>You are... badly out of date. Interesting things have been emerging from
>>the Soviet archives that undermine Bruce Cumings' assessment.
>I'm interested in this. But since I'm too lazy to go read about it myself,
>does anyone have a sufficient understanding to summarize Cumings' thesis?
>Brad, what's in those Soviet archives that undermines Cumings' work?

Interesting documents that people working on the Cold War International History Project got out of Soviet archives. Let me look for a copy of them...


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