Bartlett and Steele...

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Thu Oct 29 18:56:34 PST 1998

>--Barlett and Steele don't seem to understand that the tax
>deductible IRA
> as it existed between 1981 and 1986 was a *regressive* piece of the
> tax code.
>But once again, enough. Barlett and Steele are *unreliable.* They don't
>*understand* what they are talking about.
>Brad DeLong

Hey Brad-

While your debunking notions of unfairness, I'm hoping I've been wrong about a couple of situations that I have considered a source of screwing the working class:

That is, if you don't own a business, you have no tax-deferred savings opportunities beyond the $2000/yr IRA, and even if you didn't use that vehicle for many years, no way to recoup.

And if you don't own a biz, but pay your own health insurance premiums, there is no deduction possible.

And, are you saying earlier in your post that because I don't have kids to make me elegible for EITC, then I've lost value in personal exemptions?

Please say it isn't so Brad.

Waiting for good news- Paula

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