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At 08:27 AM 10/30/98 -0800, you wrote:
>K wrote:
>> Did you see the piece on property rts in the Atlantic Monthly of
>> a month or two ago? Thought- provoking. I used it in class and
>> it stirred up quite a bit of discussion. If you'd like a copy
>> I'll send it on.
>Yes. Please do, or at least give me an exact reference.

The Atlantic article on intellectual property and computers is online at:


It is a powerful attack on Gates, Disney, Time-Warner and company. Atlantic Monthly is interesting. Their entire issue is always online and they seem to believe that this is the wave of the future. I have been reading the magazine lately and it seems to be getting better and better. There was a terrific article on Cuba that I posted to PEN-L that originated in the Atlantic. What's interesting is that when I went to the PEN-L archives to have a look at it, it was gone. I have a feeling that Don Roper might have deleted it to keep CSF out of trouble, even if Atlantic Monthly itself is on record against this form of free speech infringement.

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