Pinochet, get back to HELL !

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Fri Oct 30 21:26:02 PST 1998

At 02:09 31/10/98 -0200, you wrote:
>I deeply regret the messages sent by Emílio (my Workers Party mate) which,
>in very practical terms, mean that he agrees with the impunity of the bloody
>tyrant, among other unpleasant implications for a Marxist (the thread is
>reproduced below).


Unfortunately we are in antagonistic positions about Pinochet's arrested in London.

I have a deeply lament for your position of defense such new liberal concept of modern inquisition only for criminal politicians from third-world countries.

The postulates and roots of the Law is fully being attacked by this political marketing's up-do-date *European Liberals*

Both of us accompanied the negotiation process the transition to Democracy in Chile

The exit of the military from the power and return to democratic normality was very difficult and you have plenty knowledge of the facts how fragile is the today political situation in Chile.

The Chilean democracy is fragile as a crystal.

Its scares me a lot to see the olds brucutus-cars throw jets of water against the people and formed shock troop soldiers marching against the demonstrators.

It scares me a lot to see olds scenes of people being used as political weapon, flags burning in public square and all the elements of our olds nightmares.

The Judge Baltasar Garçon threw in target he saw and it got in what he didn't see.

Acting a simple generating fact of solemnity-promotion it shoted the extradition request and now he does's realise the danger with his flighty act.

The Spain Supreme Court could also authorize the Judge Baltasar Garcon to re-open the process against the former Spanish first-minister Felipe Gonzeles about his crimes against the Basque's independence fithters.

The concept of the Amnesty's Law is being triturated by the liberal new modern wave came from the first-world.

Until the Royal Court of Justice are reaching to that conclusion.

AMNESTY is an act of the Legislative Power that declares impunished actions practiced by political reasons, it annuls condemnations and it suspends persecutions diligences .

While a grace or a pardon, granted by the Head of State, suppress the execution of the feather, without suppressing the effects of the condemnation, the AMNESTY annuls the punishment and the fact and cause.

I recognize to be more comfortable to anybory to defend powerful English New System than the stability of the Chilean people, although I am still with the principals that conducted the amnesty negotiation practices in our country and amnesties, it will be always valid for both sides.

Do they want to judge Pinochet?

Why not in Haia Court, in Holland?

I am not worried with Pinochet's destiny but with the consequences against the Chilean people

I appeal for your great sense of justice, for your latinity, for your dignity and intelligence which I learned to appreciate.

I dare to invite you help me to defend the State of the Right and not to succumb to the disgusting nowsday fashion liberalism.

Remember that can still exist inside your soul a poetic warrior who said: *Soy loco por ti , America *


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