Pinochet, get back to HELL !

Alessandro Coricelli alessandro.coricelli at
Sat Oct 31 10:11:47 PST 1998

>At 16:28 31/10/98 +0800, you wrote:
>>And why should an amnesty negotiated
>>in Chile be binding for Spain?
>>Whith socialists like this, who needs fascists.
Emilio :
>It is very difficult to explain negotiations and agreements for a person
>who doesn't have the minimum knowledge of South America politic
>scenery like you.
>Who signs *" Michelangeli"* is much closer of Mussoline than me.
>Did you forget where *El Dulce* came from ?.
>Be calm , Signore Enzo, the facism will always have an Italian's label .

look, I'm fed up with your idiotic nationalism (which you call "latinity"). Before it was a first name (Tom), now a last name. Labeling you as a fascist is automatic, at this point. What about Luis Sepulveda or Ines Bussi (Allende's niece), aren't they enough "south american". They, among others, are pushing for the extradition of Pinochet to Spain. They, among many others, are building up a mass movement (in Europe, so what?) to do so. Can we disagree with you and Fidel Castro on this issue ? I'd like to remind you that our generation (in Italy and in Europe in general) was pretty much needed in the fall of 1973 to provide asilum to the ones who suffered from Pinochet's atrocities. Where were you and what have you done?


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