Vous avez le tropique !

emilio emilio at openlink.com.br
Sat Oct 31 23:06:11 PST 1998

>At 23:09 30/10/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Starry eyed clap-trap from a footlose gringo?
>Tom Kruse

Mr. Kruse

I would like to apllaud for your support work in Bolivia.

I would like to erase off words of my posts if I have written some personal offense to you.

*Vous avez le tropique dans le sang et sur la peau*, as Monsieur Proyect would say.

In case you accept my excuses and rectifications I would like to continue our debate with unarmed spirits.

I have a special curiosity in debating the commercial agreements for purchase of Bolivian natural gaz and other subjects you showed interlineations.


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