Burn, Wall Street, Burn!

Mark Jones Jones_M at netcomuk.co.uk
Tue Sep 1 03:16:51 PDT 1998

Guinness followed by coffee? Hmmm. The proper procedure is a pint of Guinness followed by a large Lagavulin. Smoke a cigar, preferably Cuban, while watching bankers throw themselves off ledges, recall Voltaire's words ('If you see a banker jump from a window, be sure to do the same'), smile and order the same again and this time drink the whisky as a chaser, ie not serially.

Later, after 6 or 7 bankers have jumped, go and eat a plate of oysters, sink a bottle of Lanson Black Label, try mixing the Lanson with Guniess, and drink another bottle of Lagavulin over a large steak Voronoff. Mark

Dennis R Redmond wrote:
> On Mon, 31 Aug 1998, Mark Jones wrote:
> > PS Gloom? What gloom? We're celebrating, aren't we?
> Yeeehaaawww! This particular radical mammal celebrated with a late
> afternoon Guinness, then hit a coffee shop where a friend of mine told me
> that last Friday he decided to get his mutual fund out of equities and
> into the safe haven of a money market (this was after a long conversation,
> in which I told him that, any way you sliced it, Wall Street was a bubble
> heading for perdition). Marxism, the ultimate hedge fund strategy! Then it
> was off to a union meeting (we know the system is liquidating itself, but
> it doesn't hurt to hurry up the process). And here I thought things would
> stabilize till October, before the final meltdown set in. But History had
> other ideas. Well, after all, Asia is exploring the depths of the Marianas
> Trench, Russia is joining them presently, the US and UK are entering
> recessions, and only Europe, thanks to the Bundesbank's 3% interest rates
> and EU subsidies, is making even the slightest attempt (and it's a feeble
> one at that) to buck the neoliberal tide.
> All aboard for the bubble bust of the century -- followed by a global
> bailout which is going to make the 1992-96 Japanese bailout look like
> chump change. 3% Fed funds, anyone?
> -- Dennis

-- http://www.geocities.com/~comparty

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