FT's magnanimous solution!

John K. Taber jktaber at onramp.net
Tue Sep 1 05:12:09 PDT 1998

Peter Kilander wrote: [snip]
> Now that Clinton's libido has sabotaged the efforts of the Democrats to
> retake the House, there's a better chance that the "wise" electorate will
> send Gore to the White House to neutralize Speaker Livingston. Both will
> succumb to the pressures for protectionism and then, late at night courtesy
> President Gore, we can all watch mother Gaia and the fireworks on TV.

Sfunny. I see it as Gingrich vs Gephardt, and if Gingrich wins I see us moving forward into the next millennium, as Bullworth says, with Coolidge. I see a move to give Coolidge the recognition he missed -- the Govmint recalls all Roosevelt dimes, and recasts them as Coolidge dimes.

I see Armey appointed head of NEA, and as ordinary people die in the streets or in prison, I see all perverted art forbidden and perverted artists either in exile or jail; and a return to Norman Rockwell depicting cute and happy Americans now that our politics are right.

I can hardly wait for the TV guide.

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