[PEN-L:1386] Black militancy

James Farmelant farmelantj at juno.com
Tue Sep 1 09:06:28 PDT 1998

I share Frances' misgivings too concerning Khallil Muhammed. I am afraid that for some black nationalists anti-Semitism has taken the place of formulating a serious analysis and critique of capital in relation to racism (thus confirming the great German Social Democrat, August Bebel's observation that anti-Semitism is the socialism of fools).

BTW, the publication in question was the NYT Magazine not NY Magazine.

Jim Farmelant

On Tue, 1 Sep 1998 11:42:42 -0400 (EDT) "Frances Bolton (PHI)" <fbolton at chuma.cas.usf.edu> writes:
>You're reading NY Magazine, Louis?
>That said, I'm hoping you can elaborate on a couple of things here.
>how is NOI accomodationist? And, we've all heard the story that KM was
>kicked out of NOI for his strong anti-semitic stance. Is that in the
>article? I'm pretty sure, although not entirely sure, that his
>anti-semitic comments were not simply invented by the ADL, although
>you know otherwise. Assuming KM's vocal antisemitism, can we consider
>a leftist, as you label him? (Note: I'm *not* equating antisemitism
>anti-Zionism, which *is*, in my estimation, consistent with leftist
>politics) Actually, You said he's "to the left of thr NOI" which is
>meaningless, as I think even Al Gore is to the left of the NOI.
>Some of these demands I find curious. In particular, I find curious
>call for repatriation and dual citizenship. Repatriation is, of
>precisely what white supremecist extremists would like to see. And the
>dual citizenship is sort of odd, too. It assumes that US citizens, who
>considered "white" in Africa regardless of skin color, have the right
>citizenship anywhere. Isn't that sort of presumptuous in a
>World" sort of way? And maybe you simply didn't put in all the
>but I notice a complete lack of gender and g/l/b/t awareness. That's
>deeply troubling. And I've looked over it several times, and I don't
>any critique of capitalism, or any indiation that KM has taken
>the connection between capital and race stratification in the US.
>are some pretty disturbing absences. The BRC explicitly addressed
>sexual orientation, and capitalism.
> On Tue, 1 Sep 1998, Louis Proyect wrote:
>((BIG SNIP))>
>> The theme of the march is not about black people looking for
>> as was the case in the Million Man March. This is are some of the
>> --The release of all Political prisoners.
>> --Full and complete reparations for the descendants of slaves.
>> --Black Power, Black Nationalism and Pan Africanism
>> --Jobs for Black Youth (organizing skills, technology transfers).
>> --Adequate resources for the programs that can improve the condition
>> Black Youth.
>> --Financial aid to Black Students.
>> --Black studies and African centered learning.
>> --Environmental Justice
>> --Repatriation and Dual citizenship.
>> --Unity between Black, Hispanic-Latino, Arab, Native American, and
>> youth.
>> --Establish Black Brain Banks and Think Tanks worldwide.
>> --The establishment of Black power conscience cadres and study
>groups to
>> meet the needs of our people nationally and internationally.
>> --The establishment of Black Liberation/ Self-defense and security
>units to
>> patrol and control Black communities.
>> --The Holding of a Plebiscite

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