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Tue Sep 1 11:28:10 PDT 1998

I agree substantially with Max's discussion below. It is sort of a pollution of what seems like a good idea, for K. Mohammed to lead the march. KM seems a tragic expression of anti-capitalism which has been misdirected as anti-semitism in the African American movement. This is a complicated issue, and Max touches upon some of that complexity in recognizing the evolution of Malcolm X . KM seems the most ridiculous, out too lunch version of this diversion yet.

Charles Brown


>>> Max Sawicky writes:

KM's record of anti-semitism is pretty well established. As far as I know he hasn't changed any of his views.

Clearly the Million Youth March has a right to take place in Harlem or wherever else they choose, no matter what they're about. I happen to agree w/Louis that the demands or program of the march are mostly wholesome, especially by comparison with the Washington event. This would make the MYM a promising development, but the leadership of KM is a dampening factor. The web site for the MYM is below. The only individual whose biography is posted, in glowing terms, is KM. His leading role should not be in doubt.

Now it is true that even Malcolm X made anti-semitic comments at a certain point, but he was a work in progress and he ended up as a model radical. Second, he was never even close to as extremist, provocative, ignorant, and vicious as KM. For particulars, see: sage.html

KM and the NBPP may deserve some allowance as well, but they have evidently not gotten much benefit from Malcolm X's experience. People have been flayed on this list for much more innocent remarks.

It should also be noted that, regarding the excerpt below, this wouldn't have been the first time black militants met with right-wing fascists and made idiots of themselves. Amiri Baraka did it and later evolved to become a serious M-L.

My main point is this: The prominence in the MYM of KM Al Sharpton, and Malik Shabazz (a local anti-semitic comedian who is running for City Council in D.C.) among others, makes it all the more important to qualify any supportive statements about the MYM. To some extent, the medium is the message. ____________

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