Article on the Labor Party in the new Labor Notes

Alex LoCascio locascioa at
Wed Sep 2 08:29:26 PDT 1998

There's an article in the September Labor Notes about the LP's upcoming constitutional convention. One of the themes of the event will be how the Party will do elections. I was kind of dismayed to learn that the LP will reject the "fusion" tactic that has won the New Party so many victories. Now, I know endorsing Democrats is regarded as a no-no on the radical left, but c'mon now. If you've got a congressional district where an extremely pro-labor candidate is running, why not endorse? Here in Charlotte, we're fighting hard to help Mel Watt keep his seat, and I can only imagine how much it would suck if we had a local LP chapter that refused to endorse him despite his 100% positive record on voting with Labor simply because he's a Democrat.

Anyway, are there any other Labor Party members here? Anyone planning on going to the convention in November?

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