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Wed Sep 2 17:08:19 PDT 1998

I remember now that the article on credit cards I read was published by the Times Union on Monday and that the author, a woman, writes for the Washington Post writers group, so it's a syndicated deal.

She said that 42% of all cards are now being paid off monthly, up from 29% a few years ago, that the growth in credit card debt had slowed from something like 15% to 3%, and that credit card bankruptcies had declined to a minimal fraction.

If s.o. is "into credit cards" and can clarify whether this stuff is bogus or not I'd be interested to hear. I think the article is posted in the business section of the Aug 31 times union at, but maybe not, if the syndicate won't let it. I would like to have a better take on the benign/malign data w/regard to card use.

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