The Doctrine of Inevitability

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Fri Sep 4 06:38:29 PDT 1998

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<< Go ahead and live it up, you plutocrat.

But my understanding

is that defined benefit pensions, which seems

to be what you're talking about, are going the

way of the dodo bird, in favor of defined

contributions which give the slightly more

fortunate among us a shaky piece of the rock.

MBS >>

plutocrat, PLUTOCRAT, Hah, i've been called worse, you, you troll. :-) still, there is some truth to the charge, as part of labor's aristocracy i will be getting one of those good old union negotiated pensions sometime next year and not a contributory set up. however, all of us (myself included) who have been putting money into 401ks are getting hit pretty hard. maggie coleman mscoleman at

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