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Fri Sep 4 11:48:15 PDT 1998

I'm posting this again. If anyone reads "Kinko's SF Computer Sabotage, Authorities Baffled" in the news, well, they had it comin'.

SurfWatch is a device whereby unfit material (pornography) is kept from Kinko's internet access.

>On Thu, 3 Sep 1998, Michael Eisenscher wrote:
>> Workers can understand Marxist concepts, but not if they are
presented as
>> you do here. I have never heard "rentier classes," "bourgeois
>> "value theory," "proletariat," "fetishistic expression," "surplus
>> time," or "necessary labor time" roll off the tongues of workers with
whom I
>> have dealt over the course of more than 30 years of union work
>Well, translated into 1990s terms, you could reel off the
>Marxian categories as "Wall Street greedheads", "corporations",
>thinking", "ordinary working people", "false problems", "Nike's greed"
>"whatever your job is, you deserve fair compensation". There remains
>small problem of "the revolution". How about "Massive, Sudden Global
>Grooviness"? To the Linux-barricades, comrades!
>-- Dennis

That's pretty "Extreme", don't you think, Dennis?


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