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Doyle Saylor djsaylor at
Fri Sep 4 13:43:39 PDT 1998

Hello everyone,

Greg Nowell Friday 9/4/98 writes: "So I've kicked around in the underclass."

Doyle hmmmmmmm, er hmmmm, Does it hurt your tonsils to say or write working class? I know we'll go to neutered territory and refer to the middle class. The place where workers antisceptically make their living.

Greg: "You kick around in some of the diners around the Albany area and you quickly realize that there is a huge number of people out there without the slightest idea of Zapatistas, Green Movements, or what have you."

Doyle Do you converse with the overclass about the Zapatistas, and the Green Movements? I presume since you don't find such conversation in Albany lunch diners with the staff that serve you, that you carry on the conversation about the Zapatistas with your table mates. "Hurumph Brad don't you think those Zapatistas are elegant at phrasing their social aims." Brad "Well when AG is in town he asks about them Greg. I do hope their progress is going well."

Greg: "And it is entirely possible to be smart and disciplined and grinding away as a waiter/waitress to earn income. But I'll tell you, you don't find many of those around here."

Doyle Well after all we are talking about brain work here, not Merlin the magician. The reason someone doesn't know about the Zapatistas in Albany is because working people don't have rights in Albany to a press that expresses their point of view. Nor TV, nor movies, nor academic departments, except a few wheezers here and there.

regards, Doyle Saylor

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