Kautsky parle

Alex LoCascio locascioa at labornet.org
Sat Sep 5 03:27:23 PDT 1998

Michael Eisenscher wrote:
> Rakesh,
> I also have confidence that workers can master the concepts. It is not your
> use of concepts but the inaccessible lingo that I criticized. In other
> respects, you get no argument from me.
> As I have not had the opportunity to read most of your favored authors
> (except Marcuse), perhaps you'd share a reading list with this unschooled
> still-aspiring Marxist.

I second the motion for a reading list. Lou Proyect made one for me a while back, but I lost it when I switched e-mail addresses. Why not make the creation of such a list a group project? Everyone toss in your suggestions for "Marxism 101."

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