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Sun Sep 6 08:58:14 PDT 1998


Thanks so much Chris for another great link. I'm not superstitious or religious or anything, but Al Gore is the devil, pretty darn sure. As far as Progressive spin, with my own freinds I see that people who are against conservative Republican issues just assume that the Dems are doing the opposite, which is more dangerous. Conveying the idea that Clinton and Bush are owned by the same people only Clinton came cheaper seems important. Also that Clinton has been able to get away with things the Repubs only dream about. It's an old tune but still painfully unfamiliar to Yellow-dog Democrates.

"but that their respective organizers are hostile to each other...still, nobody seems to really know what's up."

Chris Niles DC New Abolitionists

Watching SUN AM Atlanta news, the MYM appears to be just a apple pie and cornbread positive self-esteem kids thing. About 1000 participants they say. Lots of dancing and cultural stuff.


Now off to the suburbs to celebrate Labor Day completely out of context except for the T-shirt I will wear and the few remarks I can work into the conversation.

Three cheers for the group who bought space at airport for the CAPITALISM STOPS AT NOTHING ads. It's given pause to several non-politicos I've mentioned it to.


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