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Paul Henry Rosenberg rad at gte.net
Sun Sep 6 10:16:26 PDT 1998

Christopher Niles wrote:

> Well, Paul, it seems that we might disagree on what a serious political
> struggle is. If what you mean by serious struggle is the critical
> exchange of political ideas, then, yes, it is certainly true that SOME
> real political struggle is taking place in cyberspace. What I meant,
> however, by a serious political contest is not simply the struggle over
> ideas, which is, needless to say, critically important, but the actual
> struggle for power. In the actual struggle for power against our
> rulers--whatever shape that might take or is taking--much is likely to be
> sacrificed, including a lot of lives...maybe mine. Ain't nobody riskin'
> much of anything in cyberspace.
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> "If you think you are white, then there is no hope for you."
> James Baldwin

I suggest that you read Baldwin's essay, "In Search of A Majority" and then reconsider what you've written above.

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