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Sun Sep 6 14:12:06 PDT 1998

Jim Hearfield wrote:
> Greider illustrates the point:
> 'In 1979, Ford's average labour input for all of its North American cars
> and trucks was just under 40 hours per vehicle. By 1993, it was down to
> 25.4 hours. Chrysler reduced its average from 45 hours to 29.5 hours. GM
> improved from 41 to 32.5 hours. The Japanese average still was lower,
> about 20 hours per vehicle..' One World..p 110.

Be careful. The Japanese but more of the content from outside suppliers. If I buy almost assembled cars, install the ashtray, and sell the car to a retail customer, I could produce a car in a short time also -- unless the ash tray is too hard for me to install.

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