Structure of Social Inequality

H H Leland lelandh at
Mon Sep 7 22:13:25 PDT 1998

If this is the chart I think it is, it has been updated, I believe about 3 or 4 years ago. The person who did this chart is Stephen Rose. He can be reached at the Educational Testing Service's Washington office: 202-659-0616.

Hank Leland Service Employees International Union

Brad De Long wrote:

> >Our release of "The State of Working America"
> >will be on Labor Day, as usual (every other year).
> >For those unfamiliar, this is a compendium of
> >data in accessible form -- tables, charts, and
> >accompanying, explanatory text -- of all things
> >pertaining to the material standard of living
> >of working people in the U.S. There are
> >some int'l tables too.
> It's absolutely wonderful... The best thing of its kind...
> Brad DeLong
> P.S.: I have a big wall chart called "The Structure of Social Inequality"
> of the U.S. income distribution. It's now a decade out of date. Do you know
> if anyone's updated it?

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