And now for Gore?

Tom Lehman uswa12 at
Tue Sep 8 12:12:23 PDT 1998

Dear Doug,

It's really too bad that things don't take the direction you suggest. I 've listened to logic ,and, suggested logic similar to yours since I was a kid. A lot of it has to do what we suggest other nations buy, or what we are willing as a nation to finance. Both publicly and privately.

Sincerely, Tom

Doug Henwood wrote:

> Brad De Long wrote:
> >So now the left tries to keep the developing economies of the world as poor
> >as possible--lest they pollute?
> Speaking for this leftist, I think it'd be far better if the human and
> physical resources of the so-called Third World were devoted first to
> feeding, clothing, housing, and educating Third Worlders, rather than
> competing to serve foreign markets. I'm not arguing for autarky by any
> means, but export orientation is a colonial economic strategy. It turns my
> stomach to read the propaganda from the World Bank saying that comparative
> advantage of the poor is their labor.
> Doug

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