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I have a small bio of Big Daddy Karl at home that I will try to find. Volumes 1 and 2 of the Collected Works of Marx and Engels (International) have, of course, lots of early thoughts including poems and doctoral dissertation. A piece, "Reflections of a Young Man on the Choice of a Profession". It also has a famous letter from Marx to his father in which he says he has found a way to combine the "is" and the "ought". Marx's first "college major" was jurisprudence and his father was a lawyer.

Yvonee Kapp wrote a two volume biography(Pantheon) of Marx's daughter Eleanor, which has a lot on the adult Marx's household.

_Fredrick Engels: His Life and Work_ (documents and photographs) was published by Progress , but I don't know if Progress still functions like that.

The first five pages of Lenin's _The Teachings of Karl Marx_ are a brief personal biography.

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>> _The Manifesto of the Communist Party_ by Marx and Engels.

>> _Capital_ by Marx,

well, since we are on about the 101 level, i am looking for the 'best' biography i can find on dear ole Karl M. Any recommendations?

i have the one by Isaiah berlin, called, uhhhhh, Karl Marx. i am looking for something more in depth -- childhood, university experience (he's clearly a well read and eclectic kinda guy), family life, etc etc. i understand from the berlin book that teenager Karl had an older adult friend who he used to walk with and discuss anything and everything. i am interested in hearing more of those kinds of tidbits about K.'s development.

sorry: comments in this case about cult-of-personalities will be discared on sight.


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