Kautsky parle

Christopher Niles cniles at ricochet.net
Thu Sep 10 23:15:23 PDT 1998


First of all, I do not consider myself a leftist--simply an anti-capitalist who finds discussions with leftist useful (your responses to my thoughts are, of course, an obvious exception). Second, people like you, with your talent for spiteful caricurature, do more (and have done more) to undermine the so-called left then any "attack" (ha, ha) I could launch on it. That you feel the need to distort or ignore my arguments means that you find honest idealogical exchange, for any number of personal or political reasons, threatening. Or, to put it another way, you just like to hear yourself talk but you don't really like to listen to people. What's going on here? Not so subtle manifestations, perhaps, of "white" male entitlement or "white" male priviledge?

OOPS, I played the race and gender card together: Don't mean to be such a PC Black guy. I guess I just keep forgeting that righteous "white" male lefties don't have these kind of problems...


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