The Thousand Youth March

Max Sawicky sawicky at
Fri Sep 11 08:42:50 PDT 1998

In fairness to the subject I'd like to note a story in Salon on the MYM in Harlem. A link is below.

The key point for me in the article is that there was nothing awful about the march from a general left standpoint, including an initial speech by Khallid M., until the final five minutes, when KM got back up on the platform and went nuts.

Perhaps it was in response to the police massing to attack the rally, but in any case the language -- which can be found in the article -- was inexcusable on a variety of fronts. So too have been some of the rose-colored accounts of the march by supporters. But I don't mean to flog this point.

The main thing is that, for the most part, there was nothing wrong with the march and some that was good. The speakers and their work were of varying merits, just like any other rally. But their collective politically ineptness is not a crime.

Giuliani still deserves a whipping for his role. And KM has proven -- again -- that he has no standing or competence to lead anything. Unfortunately, this has not prevented people from rising, even to the presidency.

Here's the link:


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