Two Down, Approx 400 to Go

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Fri Sep 11 09:57:37 PDT 1998

James Devine wrote:

>The problem is that he's such a bad president in so many other ways. If the
>GOPsters didn't hate him so much, people with common sense would label
>Clinton a Republican.

That's one reason the Reps hate him so much. He's stolen all their issues - crime, free trade, deficit reduction, welfare "reform" - plus he's had a good time while doing it. So, pre-empted on the policy front, and jealously hostile to his perceived sex/drugs/rocknroll cultural affinities, they cheer the work of Ken Starr. Of course his taste in rocknroll is horrible, and he didn't inhale (though Christopher Hitchens says that when Clinton was in Oxford, his house was known for its pot brownies - so maybe "I didn't inhale" was just another legalistic evasion), but still...

I hear tales of macadamia nuts, to match the cigar story, by the way. But we'll all know a bit after 4, won't we?


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