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Sat Sep 12 13:04:48 PDT 1998

>hoov wrote:
>>rightly or wrongly, M opposed separation of powers...he refers, in
>>*Crisis and Counter-Revolution*, to the 'worm-eaten theory of
>>division of powers'...moreover, he calls the theory 'old
>>constitutional folly' in *The Constitution of the French Republic*
>>and goes on to say that the 'condition of a free government is not
>>the division, but the unity of power.'
>And looking at the U.S., where the separation of powers is sacroscanct,
>Marx is exactly right. That constitutional structure is one of the reasons
>why there is no socialism in America, and the bourgeoisie rule with minimal

And the lack of separation of powers in Britain allowed the rapid wiping-out of many of the achievements of fifty years in the 1980s just because the social democrats got into a grudge match with the socialists...

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