Deep throat or shallow press?

Paul Henry Rosenberg rad at
Sun Sep 13 08:49:38 PDT 1998

Maggie Coleman wrote:

> In a message dated 98-09-13 00:13:03 EDT, paul rosenberg writes:
> << At this point, bread & circuses would be a definite improvement.
> >>
> yeah, and they probably wouldn't cost anywhere near $40 million. another
> thing which burns me in all this is that the same conservative ultra right
> wingers financing Starr's stay in office are also the ones spearheading the
> screaming about welfare abuse. aaaaahhhhhrrrrggggg maggie coleman

Yes, and going on about Clinton's disrespect for women (unmentionable when he was going along with their vilifictions of women on welfare.)

Oh, where is Bertholt Brecht when we need him most? There are so many sly jokes here to be put together into a play that only he could do properly.

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