Sundry: Kolko, WSJ, Clinton & the "well laid" theory of IR

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There are still inter-imperialist rivalries within the bourgeoisie. These rivaliries are less coincident with national boundaries than in the beginning of the century. Clinton may represent the more nouveau riche (thus, Republican investigations of Clinton's Asian campaign contributions)

of the transnational bourgeoisie. The Republicans represent Old money and the most reactionary sectors. Old money wants it all and are not satisfied with "neo-liberal triumphalism" , no matter how overwhelmingly successful for the world bourgeoisie it seems compared with the world situation twenty years ago. The unlimited greed of the bougeoisie does not allow them to know when enough is enough.

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Workers of the West, it's our turn.

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Greg Nowell writes: > I have the same feeling with regard to the Republican congress. If they hate Clinton so much, there must be a reason that he's pretty good--not just "stealing their issues" (they got both houses)--but possibly something the rest of us haven't noticed. I don't know what it is. ...<

could it be that it's an intramural fight between two wings of capital?

could it be that Clinton is suffering from an effort to revenge what happened to Bork, Nixon, and the like? that is, that's it's personal animousity within the political class?

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