What Clinton Will Cost Us

Max Sawicky sawicky at epinet.org
Sun Sep 13 10:30:52 PDT 1998

> . . .
> Now, the Repubs. are putting all sorts of riders on the appropriation
bills. Will Clinton let these pass through, or will he try to assert himself?>

This has actually been an undercurrent of discussion for the past month. The Repubs are being careful about riders because they think Clinton would like to seize upon them as an excuse for vetoing bills and causing another government shut-down. The R's are not eager for a shut-down because they remember they were blamed for it last time. They have been trying to inoculate themselves against a repeat by trying to make a case that Clinton is looking for an excuse for a shut-down, so he should be the one to blame.

It's not obvious now who would get the most blame for another shut-down. Clinton has obviously lost any goodwill he had with the public, so maybe this time around it would stick to him. On the other hand, a shutdown during an election probably is bad for incumbents, since services are disrupted while incumbents are trying to campaign. I'd say uncertainty about this would impel both sides to avoid a shutdown, though it does qualify as a plausible desperation move for Clinton.


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