Tampa billboards (Re: Rush Limbaugh Wet Dream 1: Ressentiment )

Fellows, Jeffrey jmf9 at cdc.gov
Mon Sep 14 11:30:00 PDT 1998

I agree that with Doug and others that Monica is not an "innocent". However, I do think that she wanted a more symmetric sexual relationship. It seems to me that Clinton's denial of a more symmentrical sexual relationship, plus the obviously asymmetrical power relationship existing between the two, could be considered grounds for sexual harrassment.


---------- K wrote:

>But to portray her as an innocent victim and him as a cad is an

Oh absolutely. I hate the way Monica is treated as some preconscious being. She wanted to fellate the president; she planned it and executed her plan. That doesn't mean that Clinton didn't act like a shit, though.


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