sexual harassment {was Re: Tampa billboards}

James Devine jdevine at
Mon Sep 14 14:17:11 PDT 1998

At 02:30 PM 9/14/98 -0400, Jeffrey Fellows wrote:
>I agree that with Doug and others that Monica is not an "innocent". However,
>I do think that she wanted a more symmetric sexual relationship. It seems to
>me that Clinton's denial of a more symmentrical sexual relationship, plus
>the obviously asymmetrical power relationship existing between the two,
>could be considered grounds for sexual harrassment.

If Kenneth Starr didn't come up with this charge -- and I'm sure he was looking -- I have a hard time believing that it would stick. Think of it: all the GOPsters sitting around smoking (or at least stroking) cigars saying "we can make not only Slick Willy but those damned feminazis look bad. They attacked Clarence Thomas etc. but they apologized for Clinton. Think of how hypocritical they'll look." (I have actually heard that argument, though not from the GOP elite.)

But Starr couldn't find that, couldn't make that stick. One problem is that Lewinski _never_ accused Mr. Bill of sexual harassment.

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