Semen-stained dresses and world revolution

James Devine jdevine at
Tue Sep 15 10:53:24 PDT 1998

Louis writes: >Capitalism is a world system (use the word globilization if it suits
>you--it's okay by me). The "old mole" is not yet visible in the USA, but it
>is clearly visible in the former Soviet Union which is about to become the
>Soviet Union, by all appearances. It is also visible in South Korea where
>the workers are setting an example for the rest of the world's working
>class. No wonder the spotlight is on Clinton's troubles, rather than the
>workers movement over there. It might give GM workers the wrong idea.
>One of the legacies of the old left that we have to drop is this narrow,
>nationalistic perspective. We have to remember that these national
>boundaries are very arbitrary. Capital flows here and there and the
>capitalist class is extremely internationalist, except when the
>contradictions begin to mount (ie, Malaysia, Hong Kong). We have to remain
>internationalist. How this will translate into practical politics, I am not
>sure. But in the meantime, if you look at the class struggle from a global
>perspective, we are entering a fascinating new period.
You're absolutely right. But even if the workers are in the streets in S. Korea and a lot of other places, our current ancien regime is hardly as threatened as was king Louis' or the Tsar's.

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