Rush Limbaugh Wet Dream 1: Ressentiment)

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Tue Sep 15 14:08:36 PDT 1998

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> I suppose that after this scandal play out Monica will be able
> to do the usual book-and-movie deal then work the TV talk
> show and lecture circuit for a while. However, that is all
> over what kind of career can she realistically look forward
> too? It would seem to be the case that her notariety will
> may forever preclude her from being hired for any sort
> of decent job or if she is hired from being taken seriously
> enough to advance professionally.
> Jim Farmelant

I thought about this career business and discussed it with the guys at work (warehouse). We decided, since Monica is about our kids age, that she only has two options: publishing and law. So, a book deal is okay, but she should hold out for something like a producer job--arranging for similar book deals with future scandalettes -- you know, girl to girl trust as a sell point to them -- trust me I know what real scandal is about, as sell point to a prospective publishing house. Of course she has to make the rounds of the talk-shows first and talk about her future, suitably positioned among the pop writers-editors-critics crowd.

Let's say, she actually can and wants to work and does have a brain. Well, sounds like good law school material to me. Turn into an advocate for fellow scandalettes. I am sure at this point she knows enough lawyers to get some good recommendations and since she is supposed to be wealthy, well, some big city private law school should be just about right.

Of course she could try politics. There are always local seats open to buy in California.

Chuck Grimes

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