Register To Read In LA's First Op-Ed Slam -- A National Writers Union/PEN-West Event

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***Please disseminate to your L.A.-area friends who may be interested***

National Writers Union, LA & PEN-West Present

"Blasts, Gasps And Barbs: A Take On Election '98"

LA’s First Op/Ed Slam

Register now to participate in the Los Angeles Local National Writers Union's Op/Ed Slam, cosponsored by PEN-West. Meet Emcee Paul Krassner, satirist extraordinaire, founder of The Realist and grandfather of the underground press.

The deadline for registration is 9/25/98. The event will be held on 10/17/98 at the Jazz Bakery on 3233 Helms Ave. in the Old Helms Building on Washington Blvd, a few blocks west of La Cienega, from 2 to 5 PM.

Our slam is a friendly competition wherein writers read their work in a friendly, supportive atmosphere. A panel of judges will make a few general comments at the end of each category and choose a winner who will receive a prize. All participants will receive recognition for their work. The event will bring people together to discuss political and social issues as we approach the election season. Differing political and social views are encouraged, and may address topical or historical issues. The day promises to be fun and full of surprises!

Admission will cost $5. If you would like to participate in the event, thereby waiving the admission fee, simply complete the attached registration form.

You may email your form to Paul Rosenberg at rad at gte,net, or mail it to him at 800 Pacific Ave., #403, Long Beach, CA, 90813. Forms can also be faxed to Gary Phillips at 213-748-3143. Please contact Paul Rosenberg at 562-436-3113 with any questions or comments.

*** Please Forward To Anyone Who May Be Interested In Participating ***

============================================================= Registration Form For Op/Ed Slam, "Blasts, Gasps And Barbs: A Take On Election '98"

Name ____________________________________________________________

Bio: two to three sentences. Tell us what you want the audience to know about you. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Genre: you may enter in as many genres as you like. You will receive a total of 5 minutes to speak. Please check which genre(s) you wish to address.

______ Election/Partisan Politics: We timed this event to coincide with election time. This category is for those who wish to make the most of it.

______ General Social Commentary: But of course, partisan politics is often far too narrow for what matters to us most. If so, this is the general category for you.

______ Satire/Humor:
>From expressly political to personal and quirky, if it's meant to make
people laugh--or wince--this is the category to enter.

______ Wry/Understated: By its very nature, a public performance can favor the more flamboyant, so we've created this category especially for those practicing "less is more."

______ Performance/Poetry/Manifestoes, etc.: For those with backgrounds in performance art or poetry who want to stretch the op-ed envelop, we've created this category just for you!

______ Judge: You may judge in a category as long as you aren't speaking in it. The first two registrants for each category will be chosen to judge with the rest of the panel. Please check which genre you wish to judge. ______ Election/Partisan Politics ______ General Social Commentary ______ Satire/Humor ______ Wry/Understated ______ Performance/Poetry/Manifestoes

-- Paul Rosenberg Reason and Democracy rad at

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