399 and Counting

Max Sawicky sawicky at epinet.org
Wed Sep 16 12:28:14 PDT 1998

Henry Hyde, Republican Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, THIS IS YOUR LIFE! Today in Salon. When I think about the 'collateral damage' in this fight, which shows no signs of abating, frankly it starts to make me fainthearted about anything more intense. Go ahead and call me a weenie if you want.

Mario Cuomo debated Bill "Mr. Virtue" Bennett last nite on Larry King and pretty much had him totally bamboozled, notwithstanding BB had some good arguments. The one that resonated the most was one which prompted me to try to imagine how anything good could happen with Clinton still President. I grant that this had been difficult to imagine before the fact, but it seems to have gotten notably less conceivable.

The most useful thing that Mario pointed out was that if Clinton left office, he would be susceptible to all manner of indictments, imprisonment, disbarment, etc. from Starr et al., so there is some rationale for all his legal weaseling about.


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